volleyball net PROFI SUPER

Match volleyball net for the professional competitions made according FIVB specifications. Made from knot netting from polypropylene 4 mm, mesh size 100 mm, colour black. Top: White polyester headband 70 mm, kevlar rope 12,5 m. Bottom: White polyester ban


  • Product code: 15-105-051
  • Material - size: 4 mm PP
  • Mesh size: 100 mm
  • Colour:
  • Sport nets: Volleyball
  • Dimensions (m) [a x b]: 9,5x1

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100% Czech product


Match volleyball net for the professional competitions made according FIVB specifications. Made from knot netting from polypropylene 4 mm, mesh size 100 mm, colour black. Top: White polyester headband 70 mm, kevlar rope 12,5 m. Bottom: White polyester band 50 mm. Sides: Black polyester pockets with fibreglass brace rod. 6 tension ropes with 6 tightener-clam cleats.

We are a Czech manufacturer of tailor-made nets.
We produce nets for everyone and everything.
From sports nets, through playground nets to industrial nets.
We can produce any shape and size.
We continue the century-old family tradition of textile production in Tišnov

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