How to properly order a tailor-made network?

We need some information right now:

  • what you will use the net for (hay for horses, over the pond, for the crib, on the stairs, etc.)
  • where the net should be located (outside, inside)
  • < if> the required shape of the net (rectangle, circle, triangle, rhombus, etc.)
  • exact dimensions of the net (plan, drawing, photo)
  • whether the net is to be stretched or sagging
  • You want a network that is cached or uncreated


  • Product code: 89-045
  • Material - size: 4 mm PP
  • Mesh size: 4,5 x 4,5 cm
  • Colour:
  • Protection nets: Protective nets
  • Type of material: 89
100% Czech product

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